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Welcome to Ruby's poetry blog! Ruby is a poet living in the seaside town of Brighton. My name is Rachel and I am helping Ruby to share her work and hopefully inspire others to enjoy poetry.

  • Ruby Dine


A true story sky

Fairy magic pink blossom

In a baby blue sky

With heavenly clouds

Shooting star falling in the navy midnight sky


Wish upon a star

Make your dreams come true

Moon like a crystal ball

A looking glass

Blinding sun on a hot day

The rays of the sun

Like a choir of angels

Singing in the bright light

Mermaid blue

Bright as a watercolour

Millions of stars

Staring at the beauty

And dreaming of hope

Tiny stars poured onto the galaxy at night

A fairy forest

Night forest

Black trees piling up

Branches like black hairs

Picking out against the stars

Glistening down upon the trees

Sunset like a desert

Deep orange sky

A burnt orange salmon sky

A bright smile sky

The clouds sizzle

Sun shining of colours

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