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Welcome to Ruby's poetry blog! Ruby is a poet living in the seaside town of Brighton. My name is Rachel and I am helping Ruby to share her work and hopefully inspire others to enjoy poetry.

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I love words

I love the word romance

I love fascination and affectionate

Romance is about love

I am romantic with my family

Romance feels like blossom

I feel amaze balls about being a poet!

It is because of the words

Because I like to describe my feelings

My concerns and my ideas

My family has a desire for my poems

A taste of my love

Genius is one of my favourite words at the moment



On a dog walk I thought of the word breezy

Because it was a blowy and blustery day

I smelt a bonfire

Pongy like a horse

And coal pleasant

Fresh as a diamond like jewellery

The grass on my bare feet was tickle bouncy and soft

The sun makes me feel warm, happy and safe

Protected from harm and mild

My family think it is staggering and sensational that I am a poet

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