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  • Ruby Dine


I don't believe there is a Heaven

Even as a little girl I didn't believe it

I don't believe in Jesus

I don't know why

It's too emotional

And brings hardship and unhappiness

To think about when my grandad died

Me and my mum feel heartache about this




And wear and tear

Happen when you die

Your soul breaks

It rips apart

Your heart tears away

When someone you love dies

You feel heart sick

Overcome with sorrow

Sometimes I feel pained

And heavy with grief

When I think about my grandad

He was kind and loving hearted

He was gentle with his little girl Jenny

Gentle with her heart

So Mum made me her daughter

She is good tempered


And pleasant to me

I think some people believe in Heaven

Where the clouds look as white as sheep's wool

And the sky looks as blue as Evangeline

Some people think Heaven looks like the Disney logo


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