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Welcome to Ruby's poetry blog! Ruby is a poet living in the seaside town of Brighton. My name is Rachel and I am helping Ruby to share her work and hopefully inspire others to enjoy poetry.

  • Ruby Dine


*For this poem Ruby listened to the following pieces of music :

Eric Satie 'Gymnopedies'

Motorhead 'Ace Of Spades'

Rhianna 'Diamonds'

Nick Drake 'Place To Be'

I listen to music by Eric Satie

And it makes me very sad

And blue

It's emotional

I hear tingling

It plays of lovers

And heartbreak

Of misery

It is love music

And romantic

I have tears in my eyes

I listen to Motorhead

It is rock

Deep Metal

Rock out!

Shake your hair!

Head beat!

I hear electric guitars and drums clicking





I pretend I'm rocking out!

I listen to Nick Drake "Place To Be'

I hear his quiet guitar

And maybe a ukulele?

I hear his soft voice

He's thinking about his girlfriend

So tender

He sings so quietly

It sounds a bit like Bob Dylan

And makes me feel like listening

To some Bob Dylan songs

Music is all powerful


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