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Welcome to Ruby's poetry blog! Ruby is a poet living in the seaside town of Brighton. My name is Rachel and I am helping Ruby to share her work and hopefully inspire others to enjoy poetry.

  • Ruby Dine


Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Pour 100 grams of soft dry flour into a bowl

It pitter patters into the bowl like rain

Crack two smooth flat flush eggs into the bowl

They look like dinosaur eggs

The egg whites look like dinosaur slime

Pour 300 ml of white milk

As white as petals on a daisy

I hear the bubbling froth of the droplets

Of milk pouring into the bowl

Add a teaspoon of oil that reminds me of medicine

Whisk the mixture

My arms are aching!

Pour some mixture into a blistering scorching frying pan

Then, when ready…

FLIP the pancake


Put it on a plate

And squirt on some sour acid pungent lemon

It tastes delightful and mouthwatering

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