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Welcome to Ruby's poetry blog! Ruby is a poet living in the seaside town of Brighton. My name is Rachel and I am helping Ruby to share her work and hopefully inspire others to enjoy poetry.

  • Ruby Dine


Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I went with Mum,Dad and my dog

It was a very sunny day

The sun was as yellow a a corn on the cob

And as hot as an oven

I heard the sprinkler

It sounded like beat boxing

And the water sounded like a drizzle and a shower

I saw a sculpture that looked like a spring

It bounced around in the wind

I saw two bulky and burly stone heads

Looking up at the sky

They looked like they were dreaming about the stars

I saw the tall grass

As tall as a bush

Swaying and bending in the wind

I could hear the breath of wind

And flurry of air

I saw lots of long purple flowers

They looked like lilac and lavender fingernails

I could hear the pigs oinking

And they were the colour of a shell and flush pink

Piggy bank

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